Month: March 2017

Using "The Bigger Know Principles of Conscious Leadership" to Mobilize Informal Networks

Introduction:This is the 3rd article in a series that began as a single article and now appears to be becoming a 4 part series. The articles have been addressing the impact of Informal Networks on businesses today. The previous 2 articles detailed the reasons why management by Org Charts and job descriptions is an inferior […]

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The hidden power of social networks in the workplace

If you are not already familiar with the impact that informal social networks have on your organization then you are both being left behind and are missing out on a great opportunity.Informal networks are networks that people who work together naturally create while in the process of getting their work done. They are a combination […]

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How employee Engagement transforms Human Capital into Financial CapitalEE = EBITDA is an obscure but interesting formula that, once I came to understand it, I realized uncovers an exciting new source of increased profits that any business can realize.The “blow up” of this formula is:Employee Engagement = Earnings Before Interest Taxes Depreciation AmortizationBefore going any […]

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