Management Has a Right to a Peaceful Workplace Too

A Peaceful WorkplaceThe focus of my practice is to help build skillful and resilient leadership teams. I do this at the supervisor, manager, and executive levels. This is very rewarding in that a high percentage of people at these levels are very conscientious, have a solid work ethic, and are life-long learners.They are also good […]

Win Challenging Conversations with The Most Challenging Types of Employees

The “Centering Conversation” to Win Challenging ConversationsThe most difficult employee for the conscientious manager to deal with is the unconscientious employee. One of the main reasons those folks are so challenging to deal with is because they don’t play by the same rules as us.For instance, as a conscientious manager you believe in being honest; […]

Three Forms of Excellence Leaders Must Recognize and Mobilize for Success

Of all the human experiences we get to have, being in the presence of, or achieving, excellence in its true form, is one of the most inspiring of all.As leaders, we have the responsibility to and are paid to, recognize, promote, and achieve excellence, both in ourselves and in others.To that end we create countless […]

Leadership is an Inside Job thus Don't Rely on Others to Lead You Again

What The Un-Presidential Debate Taught UsRecently America witnessed the two individuals who are vying to lead the greatest nation in the world through the most challenging times it has faced in over 80 years.What we saw, regardless of which individual or party you may support, was anything but leadership….or at least it wasn’t conscious leadership.Instead […]

How Stress Saps Your Energy - How to Stop it Before it Stops You

How Stress Saps Your EnergyStress is exhausting. It attacks us physically, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually and even on a cellular level.Some of the ways stress appears to us is as fear, anxiety, depression, uncertainty and “overwhelm.” It can appear in a short bursts that are over in a few minutes or days; such as what happens […]

Times of Great Change in Leadership

Leadership and ManagemntOne of the biggest impacts the Covid-19 experience is already having in the world is in the area of business leadership and management. 8 weeks ago, our economy was the strongest in history.  The class of 2020 was going to enter the strongest job market in 50 years. Then, it was as if we […]

13 Behaviors That Create Trust

One of the first and most fundamental ingredients Conscious Leaders use to build powerful teams and healthy cultures is Trust.Very simply, without Trust there is no leadership. Therefore establishing Trust at all levels throughout the organization, above you, below you and beside you, is essential to success as a leader.Throughout all of my Conscious Leadership […]

The Aristotle Model for Solving Complex Problems

 One of the areas I explore in my efforts to find impactful solutions to modern problems is in the realm that I refer to as “The Wisdom of our Ancestors.” I don’t like reinventing the wheel and I love shortening my, and others’, learning curves. It’s a fact that people in every generation going back thousands of […]

The Goal of Every Conscious Leader

“Reaching (out to) Your Enemy”Because of what I do, where my work takes me and the amount of time I spend researching, learning and teaching about conscious leadership I often find gems that impact me and my thinking.This week I want to share one of those gems with you.It is short, to the point and […]