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Three Powerful Forces That ‘Secretly’ Drive Performance And Profits

This article is a follow-up to a previous article I published on in which I promised to write about three powerful, but hidden, forces responsible for almost all performance and profits in organizations.Prior to writing my first book on developing the conscious leadership mindset, I spent a decade attempting to write another leadership book […]

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Win challenging conversations with the most challenging types of employees

The “Centering Conversation” to Win Challenging ConversationsThe most difficult employee for the conscientious manager to deal with is the unconscientious employee. One of the main reasons those folks are so challenging to deal with is because they don’t play by the same rules as us.For instance, as a conscientious manager you believe in being honest; […]

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Leadership is an Inside Job thus Don’t Rely on Others to Lead You Again

What The Un-Presidential Debate Taught UsRecently America witnessed the two individuals who are vying to lead the greatest nation in the world through the most challenging times it has faced in over 80 years.What we saw, regardless of which individual or party you may support, was anything but leadership….or at least it wasn’t conscious leadership.Instead […]

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