Coaching and Mentoring

I got to work with Jeffrey and benefit first hand from the interpersonal wisdom and insight he has nurtured through his professional and personal journeys. He taught me more about leadership in the two years we worked together than I was able to learn on my own or from all my other colleagues over a 25 year career.”
– Katherine O’Dea, Co-Founder Circular Economy Strategists, Exec Dir. Save Our Shores

Take advantage of my 30+ years of leadership development and entrepreneurial experience to help you:

• Accelerate your capabilities and your career by significantly shortening your learning curves.
• Learn the most advanced leadership strategies and methods in the industry today
• Learn how to use psychological and tribal dynamics to improve your level of influence amongst your peers
• Breakthrough frustrating limitations and hidden impediments to your growth
• Improve your level of self-awareness
• Learn how to use “energy” as an effective leadership tool.
• Improve your ability to remove yourself from chaos to increase your clarity
• Increase your ability to think strategically on multiple levels
• Achieve your greatest potential and help others to achieve theirs

If you feel as though YOUR TIME is NOW and want to commit to getting to your next level and beyond, then we should talk.

I’ve had the opportunity to successfully coach and mentor scores of individuals and professionals at various stages of their lives and careers from a variety of industries. I work equally with women and men who are business owners, CEO's, senior executives and political leaders. I also greatly enjoy working with next generation emergent leaders.

I encourage you to take advantage of my combined experience of having spent 25 years building my own companies; 3 years as a partner in a Think Tank and 2 decades building not-for profits and political organizations. When we work together you are gauranteed to shorten your learning curves and expedite your growth both professionally and personally.

All programs are personalized and transformational. We start from where you are, and begin the journey that will get you where you want to go much faster, easier and with less frustration than if you were trying to go it alone.

Program features are flexible and include:

• Affordable engagement terms including monthly or hourly engagements
----Single one hour sessions - $350.00/hour
----4 to 8 sessions - $300.00/hour
----8 or more sessions - $250.00/hour

• Purchase a “bank” of hours
(Approximate the hours per month needed and multiply by 3, 6, 9 or 12 months)
• Roll any unused hours into future months
• “Borrow” time from future months
• Transfer available time to other individuals or groups
• On-call “emergency” response
• Face-to-face or virtual sessions available
• 30 or 60-minute sessions

See more testimonials below, then contact me for additional information or to schedule a complimentary, no-obligation, 30-minute “Slice of Advice” session on any issue. This training qualifies for 50% matching training grants from the state of Rhode Island.

“Never before has leading with Authenticity, Integrity, and Respect been more important to our companies, our communities, and our culture”

- Jeff Deckman

Oscar Mejias

“As the CEO of a small business, I realized the importance of getting of early stage management counseling and leadership development if I wanted to grow. Jeffrey’s professionalism, strategic thinking and experience helped me unleash hidden capabilities already in my company and help me accelerate our growth.”

Oscar Mejias

CEO BETECH, Inc., President RI Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
Jack Beauregard

You cannot find anyone better person to help you than Jeff Deckman. His practical business advice and leadership development skills are outstanding. Over many years, Jeff is the only adviser that I have felt comfortable recommending.

Jack Beauregard

Founder, CEO of Successful Transition Planning Institute
Rudi Scheiber-Kurtz

Jeff is a natural facilitator and transformational leadership coach. With his insightfulness, guidance and encouragement, he was able to build a rapport with me that quickly turned into a trusted relationship. He taught me how to manage a difficult situation and led me to work toward a common goal, where we achieved a successful outcome for all.  I admire Jeff and highly recommend him as a coach and mentor.”

Rudi Scheiber-Kurtz

CEO, Author, Board Member and Speaker
Todd Grant

Having worked with Jeff on projects for over 10 years there are two things that are critical to know.  First, ANYTIME I have a vital business issue that requires I resolve complex or competing dynamics amongst key individuals or teams, I immediately call Jeff!  Second, and I state this from many practical experiences working side-by-side, Jeff will ensure your people work more effectively together, achieving outcomes that they may not have thought were possible while also being mindful of C-Suite necessities – such as the impact on your bottom line.

Todd Grant

President, Squad Locker - Entrepreneur
Patricia Morgan

I have worked with Jeff for over 20 years. He is one of the best strategic thinkers I have ever known. His ability to pinpoint the core issues, work viable and robust solutions around them and communicate effectively to all the stakeholders is invaluable to leaders challenged to succeed in today’s high stakes environments.

Patricia Morgan

Rhode Island House Minority Leader
Paul Latham

I have worked with Jeff on many occasions – and have always been impressed by his ability to quickly understand people. I have witnessed him use this skill, combined with his keen talent for organizational design and strategic thinking, to not only transform organizations but the people in them to maximize performance, morale and profits.

Paul Latham

Principal, HaydenRock, Solutions