Company Building

“Building a company involves developing a strong leadership team; maximizing your human capital and understanding tribal dynamics; converting teams into knowledge networks and developing positive cultures” - Jeffrey Deckman

Building companies is a very complex endeavor because organizations are very complex entities. To build them effectively it is not enough to simply be a good leader and a solid manager but one must also have a deep understanding of tribal and psychological dynamics; must be adept at turning teams into high-performance knowledge networks and must be able create the conditions that build healthy cultures.

These three components, tribes, knowledge networks and cultures, are what I refer to as the Organizational Trinity. The “Organizational Trinity” is the hidden force behind the Org Chart that is responsible for driving every aspect of every organization.

It determines how much work gets done, when the work gets done, how well the work gets done and, most important, how profitable that work is for the company. In addition, how well the Organizational Trinity is able to operate is the function of how well another three forces interact and integrate with one another. Those forces are your:

People - Processes - Politics

Recognizing the existence of the Organizational Trinity and understanding how to best use the “3 P’s” to unleash and leverage the power of your organization’s collective genius and energies is essential to designing, building and maintaining a high-performance 21st century ready organization. Let me help you to significantly shorten your learning curves in this area so that you can begin maximizing performance and profits in ways previously not possible. For more information on how we can work together to accomplish that goal for you explore the processes and services behind the tabs to your left. Or feel free to contact me to discuss.