The Consulting Process

Give me 90 days and I will:
  1. Help you to identify hidden performance and profit killers
  2. Uncover and mobilize hidden human assets that increase performance and profits.
  3. Improve your ability to execute on plans and projects that have stalled.
  4. Help you troubleshoot and resolve nagging problems within your organization.
  5. Teach, teach, teach.
  6. Increase your organization’s ability to maximize its collective genius
  7. Decrease your organization’s vulnerability to competition

My approach to helping you build your business is hands on.

I work best when I can roll up my sleeves and work beside you and your teams. It can be to assess current conditions, identify opportunities for growth, develop talent, spur innovation or to troubleshoot complex problems restricting your growth. I will then work closely with your teams to help define and execute projects or help you to implement new processes.

It is through the “doing” that the learning occurs.

The most efficient way to improve the short and long-term performance of an organization in a sustainable way is to use its daily challenges and opportunities as the training ground for your team to improve its skills and capabilities. By using real-time situations as catalysts to hone and polish your skills at engaging the tribe; assembling teams as knowledge networks and solidifying your culture serves to both satisfy your immediate needs while simultaneously “strengthening both the individual fibers and the overall fabric” of your organization.

When you hire me, you are hiring a partner, not just a consultant.

You get the benefit of having someone who has built 5 of my own companies helping you to build yours. It is in my DNA to treat every aspect and every dollar of your company as I would my own, while respecting that it isn’t. And the equity I get comes in the form of the goodwill that is created through the shared experiences of working with motivated professionals to build something of which we both can be proud.

I teach what I know as I go.

Knowledge and the ability to function as a high-performance team is the most powerful competitive advantage one can have. It is my goal to use every project we undertake as an opportunity to help your organization to increase the value of its knowledge capital and the strength or its “tribal bonds” so that it is less vulnerable to the market and more dangerous to the competition. For instance:

• If we need to develop a strategic plan your team will learn how to build effective strategic plans
• If we need to address complex problems or challenging employees your team will learn the principles of root cause analysis and conflict resolution
• If you need to improve the productivity of your meetings your team will learn the principles for designing and facilitating results-oriented meetings
• If you we need redesign parts of your organization to improve performance, you will learn the basics of organizational design

Programs and projects are customized to your specific needs and goals.

Contact me to schedule a complimentary, no-obligation, 30-minute “Slice of Advice” coaching session on any issue you are facing at 401-862-6454, or email me by clicking the button to the right. Be sure to ask me about how many of my programs qualify for 50% incumbent worker matching training grants.