The Goal of Every Conscious Leader

How every Conscious Leader will win by reaching (out to) their enemy

three leaders on top of a mountain in front of big city

Because of what I do and the amount of time I spend researching, learning and teaching about conscious leadership I often find gems that impact me and my thinking.

This week I want to share one of those gems with you. Something that every conscious leader should pay attention to.

It is short, to the point and quite moving. And while it doesn't speak directly to how to become a conscious leader it shows a very powerful example of what happens when conscious leadership is at work.

The Video

In this video you will see two groups; each of which you probably already have a strong opinion about one way or another. You may also see either one or the other of the groups as being filled with people who are "limited in their consciousness."

What Is Possible

However, after watching this clip perhaps you will see them, and what is possible for us as a people, to be more than you thought before.

If that occurs for you then maybe you will be inspired to join the many others who want to help create more of what is happening in the video in the world and less of what isn't.

And THAT is what being a conscious leader is all is really that simple.

I hope you found this content useful because if I am helping you achieve your leadership goals then I am achieving mine.

"The first step on the path to become a conscious leader is an inward one. And so are all the rest."

Developing the Conscious Leadership Mindset for the 21st Century,
Chapter 2 page 47

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