Keynote and Speaking

"Human capital far exceeds the value of financial capital. Money doesn’t make money any more than money loses money. People do both."

- Jeffrey Deckman

If you are seeking an engaging, thought-provoking or paradigm-shifting speaker to inspire, educate and entertain I would be happy to speak to you about how I can assist you.

Events create a lot of pressure for the organizers to deliver. The success of “this event” sets the stage for the interest in the “next event.”

Whether you are part of a corporation, a mid-to-large sized business, non-profit or professional organization, I can produce a seminar, talk or keynote that will meet your attendee expectations and your need to deliver exciting content.

Topics include:

1. Leading with AIR (Authenticity, Integrity and Respect) – Returning eldership, stewardship and partnership to leadership

2. What Clams Taught Me About Leadership – How not to accidentally alienate employees

3. The Centering Conversation – The formula for dealing with challenging employees

4. What Stage 4 Cancer Taught Me About Leadership -The first step on the path to leadership is an inward one.

5. The Bigger Know Principles of Leadership- Turning leaders and teams into high performing cultures.

6. The Organizational Trinity: The three secret forces that drive all productivity

7. The Financial Impact of Employee Engagement – It’s not about singing Kumbaya

8. Designing and Building Powerful, Action Driven Meetings

9. The Art and Science of Effective Collaborations

Keynotes and talks can be designed to fit your organization’s needs.

To book your next event or discuss topics and scheduling, contact me today @ or at 401-862-6454