The Bigger Know Principles of Conscious Leadership Training Program

“The team with the best trained leaders kicks the hell out of teams that aren't.” Brigadier General Donald C. Bolduc, Commanding General of Special Operations Command-Africa (retired)

“Without question, the single biggest factor that drives or kills profits in every organization is the performance of their leadership teams. Money doesn’t make money. Leaders do.” -Jeffrey Deckman

The biggest challenge today's leaders face is that they are trying to lead and manage a 21st century workforce using models created in the 19th and 20th century. We are using primitive methods that value muscle power, obedience and repetition in a world demanding mind power, innovation and agility.

It is no wonder there is conflict between those in the front office and those on the front lines.

The modern workforce has become so sophisticated, demanding and independent minded that traditional top down leadership methods are now so ineffective that they are quickly becoming cultural and financial liabilities.

This is demonstrated by the fact that only 3 out of 10 workers in American companies are engaged in their work. The impact of having 7 out of 10 workers not engaged in their work is costing businesses $500 billion per year in lost productivity.*

Gallup research has clearly identified the reason for this problem is poorly trained or “bad” managers. But we can’t simply blame people, who were once such exceptional employees that we promoted them, for such a catastrophic failure.

Imagine how much more effective you and your management teams would be if you were finally armed with leadership methods developed in the 21st century designed for the challenges of the 21st world.

* 2017

Introducing the Solution

Ten years ago Jeff pulled from his 3 decades of leadership experience and spent almost 3 years as a partner in a think tank developing a uniquely powerful and intuitive leadership development program designed specifically to give today’s managers the tools he or she needs to mobilize and the mind-power and energies of the modern workforce.

“The Bigger Know Principles of Conscious Leadership” is personally and professionally challenging but is even more rewarding. It is a field tested leadership system that acknowledges there is a "Bigger Know", or a collective genius, hidden within every organization that is largely oppressed, untapped and therefore wasted by traditional leadership methods.

Based upon the premise that "You know what you know. They know what they know. and Together we have a Bigger Know" the system uses 8 principles that first help the leader identify and define the Bigger Know of their organization. They then provide innovative tools and "aha" realizations that allow leaders to better access, activate, align and focus their organization's human capital to maximize employee engagement, performance and profits.

Now is the time you and your teams become the best trained leaders in your field. Because those teams who aren't become "food" for the competition who is.

“The Bigger Know Principle is the most innovative leadership program I have ever taken. Jeffrey has created a highly effective system that works extremely well, especially during challenging times or with difficult people. His perfect blending of the needs of the individual and the organization has provided me with excellent tools to build my business. The Bigger Know Principles is a ‘must’ for any leader looking to take their organization to the next level.”
–Oscar Alexis Mejias, CEO BETECH, Inc. / Exec. Dir. RI Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

“The Bigger Know Principles of Leadership are ground breaking and incredibly eye opening. We think we know how to lead but most of us have only been taught how to manage. When you see the difference it will both astound and change you. “
– Chris Young, Plant Mgr., Fielding Mfg

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