Leadership Assessment

Rate each question from 1 to 10. (1 = Worst & 10 = Best)



We clearly know what leadership capabilities we want to have within 3 years.

We understand where we currently stand in relationship to those goals
and know the changes that are required to get from A to B.

We have agreed upon the key strategic steps to make the vision happen.


We have taken those strategic steps and put together a realistic action plan
that will be resourced and can be implemented.

We know what has to get done, when it must be done, and who is accountable.
We are prepared to execute.

We know the plan can be achieved and we are prepared to make any adjustments or allowances
to schedules and/or responsibilities necessary that will allow them to be achieved.


Senior leadership is committed to providing the resources, time, and funding to get it done.

Senior leadership is committed to getting it done.

Participants are committed to getting it done.

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