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Turning Human Capital into Financial Capital

All of my consulting and leadership development work centers around maximizing the power of hidden pools of human capital to meet the performance demands of the 21st century. Today, management, at all levels, must cultivate a deep understanding of how organizations truly work and adapt to the increased complexity of leading today’s multi-generational workforce if they want to compete and remain profitable.

To address that, I spent the past 15 years creating a powerful new lens through which to view and engage organizations. I have also developed a companion leadership methodology, that gives management at all levels new tools that significantly increase the engagement, performance and accountability levels of today’s multi-generational workforce.

The new lens referred to as the “Organizational Trinity” identifies three dominant forces which operate secretly behind the Org Chart. These forces are responsible fow how much work gets done, when it gets done, how well it gets done and by whom. These forces are tribes, knowledge networks and cultures.

The new leadership system, called The Bigger Know Principles of Leadership, is based on the premise that “You know what you know. They know what they know. And together, we have a Bigger Know.” This groundbreaking leadership system taps into both the collective genius and energies of the workforce by replacing the outdated top-down, command and control leadership methods, with those that use collaboration, communication, and facilitation to mobilize and monetize your human capital.

By learning how to use aspects of the Bigger Know Principles of Leadership to unleash and leverage the power of the Organizational Trinity you not only reveal hidden pools of human capital but you are better able to focus them to maximize performance, morale and the profits that naturally follow.

Jeffrey’s customized programs combine The Bigger Know Principles of Leadership, the power of the “Organizational Trinity” and three decades of experience as an entrepreneur and consultant, to help clients develop real world solutions that solve challenges, energize their workforce and achieve peak performance and profitability.


For more information on or to get a free, no obligation, 30-minute “Slice of Advice” consultation email him at JeffreyDeckman@gmail.com or contact him at 401-862-6454.

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