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“Without question, the single biggest factor that drives or kills profits in every organization is the quality of the leadership skills of its owners, executives, managers and supervisors. Money doesn’t make money. Leaders do.” -Jeffrey Deckman

Imagine learning the new models of modern leadership that will enhance the profitability of your business, harness the collective genius and energies of your employees and reignite your passion for leading.

Every executive knows that highly skilled and well trained leaders generate profits while unskilled and poorly trained leaders generate losses. Surprisingly though, very few companies treat the development of their leaders as a top strategic initiative. That is an extremely costly mistake because:

The skill of your leadership teams determine:

  • The quantity and quality of the product delivered to the customer.
    • The level of customer satisfaction.
  • The levels of employee engagement in every segment of the company.
    • The level of performance and productivity of your workforce.
  • Whether your work culture is healthy or toxic.
    • Whether your workforce is leaning in or leaving out
  • Whether vital strategic plans or even simple project plans get executed.

All of which determines your level of profitability.

(To see how well or poorly your company is prepared is addressing its leadership challenges take the Leadership Preparedness Assessment.)

Why Developing Your Leadership Skills are Important

 Statistics Tell the Story

  • 7 out of 10 workers in America are not engaged in their work.*
    • This lack of employee engagement costs US businesses $500 billion per year*
  • The biggest cause of employee turnover and low employee engagement is due to “bad” or poorly trained bosses*
    • 75% of workers who voluntarily left their jobs did so because of their bosses and not the position itself.*
  • Employee turnover costs between 50% to 60% of that employee’s salary with overall costs ranging anywhere from 90% to 200%.**
    • This employee turn-over cost US businesses $680 billion in 2018***
  • Bad bosses cause the best workers to quit, leaving only suffering “hostages” and the malcontents; both of whom produce less and cost more.

(Click here to read how a small increase in employee engagement equates to a significant increase is bottom line profits.) EE=EBITDA article.

*Source:Gallup.com 2017

**Source: Society of Human Resource Management 2018

***Work Institute National Employee retention report 05/2018

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Because “You know what you know. They know what they know. And together you have a “Bigger Know’”

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